Are you ready Denver?  ‘Cause we are set to celebrate 110+ of the most amazing makers, inventors, and crafters from across the Rocky Mountains!

Bring the family to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to tinker, play and be inspired:

  • Make music at the Science of Music exhibit, where you can build your own instruments and participate in a synthesizer petting zoo
  • Experiment and create electrifying art with Sparkfun’s Paint with Code electrically conductive paint and Liteseeds LED stickers
  • Build an Art Car with the “Cartists” from Trinidad’s ArtoCade and take a ride on Kinetic Sculptures
  • Become a mad scientist – participate in experiments with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the Denver Mad Scientists
  • Create whatever you can imagine at the Cardboard Challenge or at Denver Public Library’s Toy Hack
  • Drive a robot or fly a quadcopter
  • Check out urban art, Steampunk creations, and more
  • Chat with Star Wars’ R2-D2 and Watch Out for Dr. Who’s mutant Daleks!
  • Try your hand at blacksmithing, welding and experiment with tools of all kinds

          and over 110 of the most creative maker, inventor, and artisan exhibits.  Plus we have presenters from around the community with How-tos and Creativity hacks from your community maker spaces, entrepreneurial leadership, and Colorado artists such as:

  • Ross Ingram of Sphero, Ryan Ward of Zometool
  • Panel on Innovations in Sound and Music Making
  • Rita Crompton and Ray Burrasca on Crowdfunding for Makers
  • STEAM and Young Makers
    and many more – check them all out on the Presenters tab or under the schedule for Maker Ed

We’ve got an amazing interactive experience lined up that you and your family will never forget!  Come play and learn and MAKE with us this weekend.

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