Pokey the fire-breathing dragon is coming to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Pokey the fire-breathing dragon, created by local maker Ed VanDyne for the first annual Denver Mini Maker Faire, will be featured at the VIP reception for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s Mythic Creatures exhibit this Friday. The exhibit includes cool creatures such as

  • a ten-foot-tall model of a kraken with its head and tentacles rising from the floor
  • a large statue of a griffin
  • a model of Roc, the mythic bird large enough to carry an elephant into the sky
  •  and, of course, a 17-foot-long dragon, with a wingspan of nearly 20 feet, and so much more!

With hands-on activities like Create Your own Mythic Creature and Making Puppets, this exhibit will be great fun for Colorado Makers! This exhibit has something for everyone and features full size imaginings from the sea, land and air. The Mythic Creatures exhibit runs from March 20 – September 7 with many special programs and events. You can find out more on the Denver Museum of Nature & Science website: here.  Pokey is excited to be involved!

20141004 Saturday-200_WEB-X2

Pokey with Robot Resurection at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire

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