Meet Maker Regina of Boxed Kit Amps!

Come see what she has in store for you this May 3rd & 4th at the Denver Mini Maker Faire!

100% start-to-finish amp kits,
the highest quality parts,
and anyone can build them.

  • Complete start to finish amp kits!  We always Include all
    the parts you need.
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step amp build instructions,
    rich with quality photos.
  • Boxed Amp designs are documented so you can learn and
    modify as you grow.
  • Custom analog-based designs that produce warm, clean, retro sound.
  • Affordable without compromising quality. High-end, audio-grade components.

Build your own audio amps
and build the heart and soul back into your music.

Our kits make it easier for anyone wanting to build their own high-quality hi-fi components. We ‘background’ complexity, so you don’t have to. You supply the tools and the effort and you’ll be rewarded with a rich learning and listening experience.

Visit the Boxed Kit Amps website here! 


Video brought to you by V3 Media Marketing.

One response to “Meet Maker Regina of Boxed Kit Amps!

  1. Looking forward to seeing your kits in person.

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