The Shuuk 1st Access Membership!

Feb. 12, 2014
Tamara Kleinberg


Nothing feels better than working with your hands to build something from scratch. Taking an idea from a nugget in your head to the real thing. Here at The Shuuk, we understand that better than anyone. As the testing ground for the worlds coolest new products we come to work every day to help makers and inventors like a chance to test their ideas and go from garage start up to national recognition. Yea, we love what we do!

Because of our deep support for this community, and in the spirit of collaboration, we are honored to pre-launch the most innovative program out there to you, Maker, before we blast it out to the world.

It’s The Shuuk 1st Access Membership and it’s not for everyone.

It’s for people with an innovative spirit – people that love having new-to-the-world inventions, hearing stories and advice from the most innovative people out there and making a personal impact on inventions and the Maker world.

Shhh….very few people know about this and the insane deal is only for the first 500 in the Maker community that join.

Call it super exciting…call it bragging rights. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor, make a mark, and up your creative game. Take that world!

Why join? Because you’ll have:
• Access to new- to-the-world, innovative products, people and ideas before everyone else
• A voice in one of the coolest communities out there
• An impact, sharing your great advice, ideas and thoughts directly to inventors and entrepreneurs

Monthly Membership Has Its Privileges And They Include:
Get new to the world products before they go mainstream based on your personal preferences and lifestyle (customized to you)
Personal advice and real world stories from the most innovative people out there
• Exercises and ideas to spark your own creative mojo
• Ability to make your mark and provide your opinions and feedback directly to the inventors in monthly calls and feedback links
10% off all Shuuk products all the time so you can always wow your friends your friends


3 simple steps and you’ll be in:
1. Join. For pre-launch we only have upfront payment options. You save big and get a little extra
2. Tell Us About You. After joining you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a link to your custom profile. This will help us make sure we are sending you the right inventions…the ones that make you go WOW!
3. Sit Back and Feel The Awesomeness. Dang that feels gooooooood!

The Shuuk is full of Makers like you. 1st Access Membership means YOU are growing the entrepreneurial eco-system and proving you are the coolest person in the room!

A few of the amazing Makers at The Shuuk:

A few of the awesome inventions at The Shuuk:

One time deal for a lifetime of innovation-ness!


The Shuuk 1st Access Membership:

Denver Maker’s Faire Deal:
Skeptic: 3 months $101.91 for $81.53 ($20.38 savings – like 1 month free)
Believer: 12 months $359.40 for $287.40 ($72 savings – like 2 months free)

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