Meet the Makers

Make a mess with a Paint Catapult with The Gizmo Dojo

Do your very own Leather work with Geekify Inc.

Play with the magic plastic that makes Decibullz Molded Earphones and Earplugs so special

Take a ride on the The Zander Lander a custom built bicycle and  interact with the Giant Electric Muffin!

Learn to Solder a Musical Circuit Board with Clear Blue Engineering

Check out cool maker kits with Kitables, Inc.

Dig for Worms with My Terrace Farmer

Make your own live plant art with Rikki’s Tropicals

Light up your world with Liteseeds LED Stickers

Play with a drone with a camera and iPhone navigation with DaVinci Coders

Make your own Jewelry box with Revive Gifts

Race cars at the Nerdy Derby and more with The Loveland Creatorspace

Make your own Monster Badge BottleCap Graphics

Make your own hand drawn shrink necklace with  ArtProse

Ride and interact with Toys That Play with People by Ira Sherman

Check out the Mad Scientist Demonstrations with NIST

Maker Kits with Colorado TSA

Learn about Laser Engraving with Epilog Laser

Help Art Car Mark paint his Art Car!

Ask and IP Lawyer with Poisielli

Connections Academy, TBA

Make your own Instruments with Cool Girls and RAFT 

Play with LED Circuits with Sparkfun Electronics

Come and Play Human Fooseball Table

Check out Pokey the Firebreathing Dragon

Aleph Objects – Lulzbot 3D Printer –

Learn magic tricks with Mago’s Magic Shoppe

Watch a woodturning demonstration with Roper Woodturning 

See how bobbin lace is made!

Make your own religious items with Our Lady’s Gifts of Embroidery, Music, and More

Play with 3D printed prosthetics with Enabling the Future

Interact with R2D2s and more with Mountain State Droid Builders

Wheelthrowing Demonstrations and Exploring the Ceramic Surface with Kristin Gruenberger Ceramics

Play with games made out of vintage Pinball Machines!

Get Involved with hands on science activities with Amazing Wild Science

Check out the inner workings of Electric cars with Black Sheep Technology

Design your own device and test it in a wind tunnel with NCAR

Use littleBits to create new and interesting hardware prototypes

Draw a picture of your pet, make a bowtie for them too with bellaTAZ & Black Paint Productions 

Learn about Lockpicking with The Concoctory!

Demonstration of a DIK Geiger counter kit.

Check out the The Life Clock, it  displays celestial events and plays Conway’s Life game!

Stop by the Wyoming TInkerSpace booth for 3D scanning and printing along with member projects and electronic demonstrations.

Play with TrotBot.

Learn seed dispersal methods with Build a Seed

Do a high tech scavenger hunt and more with Denhac

Toy building activity with Crossbeams

Come check out a welding simulator and 3D printing with Community College of Denver

Intro to Programming with Ruby & Philips Hue

Drive a Robot with Actionworks

Play pong with a Robot with Threshold School

Interact with Omni Globe

Play with wearable electronics and more with T.C. Bingman & Associates, Inc.

The Cardboard Challege with Maker Boulder

Make and Take pop culture robots with Randy Slavey

Analog 3D printing with gluesticks with Inventivity Square

Build a Skin on Frame Kayak with Rivers and Coasts Kayaks

Power of Fire: Backyard Blacksmithing with Sarqit Outdoor Living School

Make your own musical instruments with Boxed Kit Amps

Make your own Monster with Monster to Love

See how Dragons Say Rawr makes hand sculpted and hand painted dragons

Toy Hack with the Denver Public Library

Play with electro acoustic instruments with Stringless Enterprises LLC

Play with legos and pcDuino

Finger crochet a scarf with Apache Girl, Inc

Play collaborative music with Bentsound

Build your own rocket with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Program a robot to complete an obstacle course with CSU Denver Extension 4-H/Tech Wizards Robotics

Interact with hand crank magnetos generator with The Future Past

Interact with the Sound Puddle brought to you by Solid State Depot: Boulder Hackerspace

Test out an electro-magnet with Future Science

Use the pedal powered air gun and critter crunch with the Denver Mad Scientists

help us in building the baskets for ICU babies with Team Toby Tolin

3D Printing with the The 3D Printing Store

Assemble SheetMetal toolboxes to carry all the cool things you made with Colorado SheetMetal Workers Training Institute 

Convert electricity to magnetism and magnetism to electricity with the Pikes Peak Makerspace

Maker Shop Fun has some fun activities, like Card board stacking challenge, Carpet Ball, and Bending tubes on a nail board form!

Come and play with and learn to program robots with Denver Chinese School Robotics Club

Paint, assemble, and take home 3D printed models with Rentabuild 3D Printing & Assembly

See how Play-Well TEKnologies uses specialty LEGOs to make motorized machines and vehicles

Check out the hands-on activities of various technology products with Rover Rally – Robotics Competition and Expo


Join Mackintosh Academy and their River Run Water Play activity, make boats and other things to float, race and explore how water works!


Build you own Marshmallow catapult with AnomalyCon


create their own video game and use the virtual reality headset OculusVR with DreamQuest Game Camps


Check out Helliemae’s Caramels they will have sample caramels to try and will tell you all about their caramel production!


See a pair of flip flops made just for at Yooshu’s booth!


Uncle Benny’s – TBA


Atmel – TBA


Great Plains Academy – TBA


Sample coconut water at the Coconut ONE booth!

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