• The Shuuk Online Marketplace
  • Business Catapult business plan community with Innovation Pavilion mentoring

The Colorado Maker Hub is the place to find resources and advisors to take you from Idea-2-Market. We have added collaborations designed to support your entrepreneurial dreams.


Now that you’ve made something amazing — are you ready to MAKE a business that will share your latest invention with the world?

The Shuuk
The Shuuk

Do you have enough gadgets, gizmos and doo-hickeys to go online? The Shuuk is an online marketplace for new inventions and they’ve created a section JUST FOR OUR MAKERS!

Click on this link to learn more and sign up!

What is the Shuuk?

Entrepreneurial Mentoring with The Business Catapult & Innovation Pavilion
Are you creating a business plan to attract collaborators and investors, or just to give you a blueprint for where you are going with your idea?
The Business Catapult, an online platform that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and advisors, has created an online community just for Makers involved in the Denver Mini Maker Faire.

Add your business plan to the confidential community and you’ll get free start-up advising by Entrepreneurship mentors from the Innovation Pavilion AND become part of the Denver Maker Catapult Community.  Log in, add your business information, and we’ll bring advisors to you!

Innovation Pavilion

What is the Innovation Pavilion?

Innovation Pavilion is an environment which fosters the growth of entrepreneurial ideas and helps high growth companies reach their potential. The eco-system consists of co-working options, mentor-ship programs, service provider contacts, corporate relations and structured funding programs. One of the most valuable aspects of being at IP is sharing a space filled with entrepreneurs eager to exchange ideas and create collaborative efforts through productive collisions.

Click here to check out the Innovation Pavilion.

Business Catapult

What is the Business Catapult?

The Business Catapult is a mentoring platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. We help Build Better Businesses Faster™.
• Mentoring organizations: Become a Catapult Community Partner.
• Entrepreneurs: Assess your concept, get mentoring, and improve your business profile.
• Advisors: Connect to entrepreneurs who need your expertise.
• Investors: Join and form investor groups to find new business opportunities.

Click here to check out Business Catapult.

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