Send Your Creations to Space with the Global Space Balloon Challenge

Originally posted on Make::

Have you ever wished that you could build something and send it to space? While access to space for the average person has increased through the growth of platforms such as CubeSats, the cost and complexity are still prohibitive factors for many. But of course, as makers, we know there’s always an alternative solution! High-altitude balloons (HABs) are a simple, fun, and cost-effective way to launch projects to the edge of the atmosphere, and while they don’t quite reach space (technically!), they definitely get high enough for you to capture great photos/videos, run experiments, or even test hardware that is preparing for launch into space.

The Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC) is an event organized to help you do just that: build, launch, and recover your very own HAB. But the goal of the event is not just to help a single person launch a HAB. The goal of the…

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