One at a Time: The Story of Toothpick Engineer Stan Munro



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muro la sagrada

Stan Munro makes incredible replicas of famous structures and buildings out of toothpicks and glue (collectively called Toothpick World). He’s shown his work at our Maker Faire New York (read our interview) as well as at galleries around the world. Stan has been a writer, television personality, and hospital administrator, to name a few of his positions, but it was when his wife Suzi was stricken by autosomal dominant polysystic kidney disease (ADPKD) as well as polysystic liver disease that he began creating toothpick sculptures while caring for her at home. When people marvel at how he’s able to have the patience to create such elaborate sculptures, he says it’s by taking one day at a time, very much how he and Suzi were able to work through the toughest parts of her illness.

stan munro la sagrada

New York City-based writer, director, and producer Jeremy Berger recently made a 10-minute short film…

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