Making with Math

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The Joint Math Meeting, a 6,000+ person convention for mathematicians recently held at the Baltimore Convention Center. I wandered around the exhibitor hall, watched a short film on Srinivasa Ramanujan, helped make a mathematical art sculpture for the National Museum of Mathematics in New York, and learned more than I wanted to know about backgammon statistics.

I met Bernat Espigulé, consultant for Wolfram Research, maker of awesome fractals, some of which he 3D printed. He demoed his fractal generation software, and had these sculptures on display


There were so many more amazing mathematical works like this knitted piece by Gabriele Meyer.


a Knitted Klien bottle by Sara-Marle Belcastro


These origami works by Galen T. Pickett really caught my attention.


And so many more amazing sculptures as well as digitally designed flat prints.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve who was showing James Sawyer’s Six Dimension…

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