The Second Annual Denver Mini Maker Faire!

The 2nd annual Denver Mini Maker Faire will be June 13th and 14th inside the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We are pulling out all the stops for this one – put it on your calendar!

Maker Faire is an annual festival to make, create, learn, invent, craft, hack, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired.  Maker Faires are multi-generational gatherings sweeping across the country and around the world.

A Lecture Series for the Makers of Things

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Danielle George and the robotic orchestra. (Credit: Paul Wilkinson Photography)

Prof. Danielle George and the robotic orchestra. (Credit: Paul Wilkinson Photography)

The Royal Institution‘s annual Christmas Lectures have been given every year since 1825—except between 1939 and 1942 when lectures were suspended due to the war and ‘the lack of children in London.’

The lectures have always been about introducing a younger audience—11 to 17 year olds—to a subject through ‘spectacular demonstrations.’ However this year’s the lectures, given by Prof. Danielle George, departed from the traditional—they were  about the maker movement.

Broadcast in between Christmas and New Year on BBC Four up till now they were only available on BBC iPlayer. However the first of the Christmas Lectures has now been made available on the Ri Channel for those of you in the rest of the world beyond the shores of the British Isles. The second and third lectures will be up shortly.

I talked to Olympia Brown—the Royal Institution‘s…

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3D Printing Brings Schooling Home

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There are two means of incorporating 3D printing into a homeschool plan. One, of course, is by getting a 3D printer for your home. (More on that later.) A simpler means is through a veritable wealth of amazing pre-made models to be found by the clever makers who post on Repables, YouMagine, or Thingiverse. All of these models are free to download and print at home. Many of the resources can be used in unit studies, as supplemental material to your curriculum, or can just be cool things to strew around the house for the interested to find and explore.

If your kids are teenagers, let them find and print the models themselves (some are more complicated than others). If your kids are younger, as most of mine are, print them and bring them out during a lesson on history or science. My kids love to ask…

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TechShop and Fujitsu Launch Mobile Makerspace for Student Education

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Photo of the TechShop Inside trailer by Twitter user @oalexy

Photo of the TechShop Inside trailer by Twitter user @oalexy

The nationwide chain of makerspaces known as the TechShop franchise has partnered up with Fujitsu the Japanese multinational IT equipment manufacturer to produce a mobile makerspace ready to hit the road.

Inside the 24 foot trailer is a wide variety of high tech tools including mini 3D printers, laser cutters, and laptop computers all stocked in an effort to bring a hands-on learning environment to nearby schools.

Details of the joint venture were released at the 1st Annual World Open Innovation Conference hosted at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation located on the University of California, Berkeley.

As the press release from TechShop states, this project “underscores a commitment to education and to increasing youth’s creativity and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) fields through ‘learning by making,’ offering students hands-on activities and access to technologies.

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A Working 3D Printed Guitar

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Have you ever wondered if a working guitar could be 3D printed? That question has now been answered by Jeff Kerr’s beautifuly printed model.  Not only does it look great, it sounds very good too, as seen in the video below.

The design may seem a little strange if you’re expecting a wooden body, but once the initial shock is overcome, the translucent body of the guitar is quite beautiful. To support the thin shell, there are a number of fractal-inspired supports that don’t conduct light as readily, providing an interesting effect.

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Everything on the guitar is 3D printed, with the exception of the metal parts like strings and tuning keys. In addition to making this guitar, Jeff actually designed the printer that made it. The printing area is reportedly quite large, which, given the size of the guitar, would be quite helpful!


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2014 Denver Mini Maker Faire Maker, Ira Sherman, Featured on Daily Planet

Ira Sherman

Ira Sherman, a maker at the 2014 Denver Mini Maker Faire, was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet episode earlier this hear. Ira show off his one of a kind kinetic sculptures which were all the rage at both the San Francisco and Denver Maker Faires! Check out the video! Daily Planet – Ira Sherman

Terry Gold’s Blog Post on the Denver Mini Maker Faire!

Terry Gold, a Colorado based entrepreneur, who was able to attend the Denver Mini Maker Fair back in May. He claimed that “The best part was seeing all the kids running around, excited to see and get their hands on all the projects.” He also credited Sparkfun, one of our sponsors with an engaging set up. We are glad that Gold and other had such a good time at the Denver Mini Maker Faire. You can read the whole blog post here.

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire is happening October 4th-5th.

The Call for Makers is ongoing until August 31! If you want to me a maker be sure to sign up soon!

The Maker Movement Meets Big Business

Can indie-minded tinkerers get comfortable in the corporate world?

By Reena Jana

Above, scenes from Genspace, a community biology lab in Brooklyn, NY: TED Fellow Oliver Medvedik, co-founder of Genspace; Medvedik and Genspace President and co-founder Ellen Jorgensen; experiments.

On a recent rainy morning I walked through the front door of a former bank in downtown Brooklyn to find myself in a dusty lobby with cracked windowpanes. An elevator ride took me to another floor where I found cluttered rooms filled with lopsided bookshelves, used beakers, and dirty wine glasses. Finally, I arrived at my destination: a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION called Genspace, where an unlikely community of artists and attorneys, high school students and Ph.Ds, VENTURE CAPITALISTS, and architects regularly come together to get their hands dirty, literally—experimenting with, say, growing synthetic leather from bacterial cellulose. Continue reading

How the Maker Movement Is Moving into Classrooms


The Maker movement is a unique combination of artistry, circuitry, and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Certainly, learning by doing or “making” has been happening since our ancestors refined the wheel.

Don’t treat making as a sidebar to an already overtaxed curriculum. As you investigate the principles behind teaching STEAM via making, you’ll see sound research from many educators throughout history, including Jean Piaget who, in 1973, wrote:

[S]tudents who are thus reputedly poor in mathematics show an entirely different attitude when the problem comes from a concrete situation and is related to other interests.

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10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern

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Becky Stern modeling her NeoPixel Punk Collar

Becky Stern modeling her NeoPixel Punk Collar.

Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries, is the queen of cool couture, the maven of marvelous making, the… OK, you get the idea. She makes really cool stuff and shows you how.

Check out 10 of her favorite wearable projects you can try for yourself.

Start the slideshow to check out the pictures, project descriptions, and a link to the Adafruit project page.

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WearableWeek_Badge_small_bur01 This week, July 14-19 2014, we’re exploring wearable electronics of all kinds on Make! If it is electronic and belongs on your body, we’d love to hear about it! You can find all of our wearable articles by going here .

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Maker Camp 2014: Worldwide And In Your Neighborhood

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